3 miracle fruit diets than can help you lose up to 7 kg in one week!


This diet is so drastic that you should consult your doctor before choosing it.
Here’s how it goes:

  • Monday: morning, lunch and dinner, try to eat only apple.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast: a slice of bread, an egg and apples. Lunch: grilled or baked meat plus a vegetable salad. Dinner: apples.
  • Wednesday: Breakfast: two apples and a ham sandwich. Lunch: salad and cooked vegetables (excluding potatoes), steamed fish with lemon juice. Dinner: cereal with skim milk.
  • Thursday: morning: apples. Lunch: green salad with lemon juice, low-fat cheese. Dinner: apples.
  • Friday: Breakfast: a small ham sandwich and an apple. Lunch: herbs salad and a grated carrot. Dinner: apples.
    During the cure, do not forget to hydrate with at least two liters of water a day.

(Again, consult your doctor before trying it out, especially if you have stomach problems)
The lemon diet should be followed from 3 to 14 days during which you do so:

  • In the morning you wake up and drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of salt
  • Evening drink a laxative tea
  • Throughout the day you have to drink 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade
  • You can drink as much water as you want
  • You will not consume any food or drink other than those listed aboveLemonade recipe:
  • 12 glasses of water,
  • 12 tablespoons maple syrup or honey
  • The juice from 6-7 lemons
  • Half of a tablespoon of crushed chilli


Invented in 1930, the grapefruit diet takes about 12 days and you can lose up to 10kg with it.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the results are not long lasting. If you do not renounce unhealthy eating habits, you can plump back shortly after.
The food during the diet must be healthy and varied, and the key is to eat half a grapefruit or to drink its juice after every meal. Make a healthy meal plan and eat a small amount 6-7 times a day.

Nutritionists have found that if you combine grapefruit with a diet high in protein, you achieve weight loss in a short period of time. Another theory states that the fruit reduce insulin levels and the body’s reaction is to shake the pounds off. Therefore, diabetics should NOT follow this diet under any circumstances.

3 miracle fruit diets than can help you lose up to 7 kg in one week!


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