5 tricks to get your lips looking fuller!


Women are obsessed with having full lips. It is a must-have nowadays. If nature didn’t gift you with perky, full lips, there are ways to achieve it and makeup tricks that create the illusion of fuller lips:


Exfoliation makes the lips appear fuller and thicker. You can easily get rid of the dead skin cells from your lips by generously applying lip balm and using a toothbrush to gently brush off the excess skin. Leave the balm to act for 10 minutes before using the toothbrush in circular motions.


Apply at least 2 times a day a lip balm that contains ingredients which can activate the collagen production. Vitamins A, C and E are essential. Therefore buy beauty products which have them in their composition.

Stimulate circulation

Black pepper, hot pepper, mint, ginger and cinnamon stimulate circulation, and you can confidently use them on your lips, as well. Mix black pepper, ginger or cinnamon with honey and apply it as treatment on your lips. Or you can rub a hot pepper on them and get the same result. The effect can last up to several hours, which means that you can use this trick before an evening event to look your best.

Choose the right lipstick color

You can create the illusion of fuller lips by using the right makeup technique and the right color. Choose light colors and apply lip gloss over the lipstick, in the middle of your lips. This way when the light hits them it will create a 3D effect.

Use contour and foundation

Before using the lipstick to complete your makeup, apply a little bit of foundation and contour your lips, by going out of your natural lip line. Just make sure you don’t exaggerate with this technique. Choose a contour which is one shade darker than the one of the lipstick to get the right effect.



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