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Get slimmer arms – How to get rid of arm cellulite!

The first concern for women, when summer is about to come, is the appearance of their arms, which are the main areas for fat deposit. If you gain a few pounds, the arms are the ones that give that away.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] Having fatty arms or arm cellulite is uncomfortable …

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How to clean your skin of hair dye stains!

If you have the habit of dyeing your hair by yourself, at home, by now you’ve had enough unpleasant accidents with hair dye, and you know that you can irreparably stain surrounding items and even clothes, if you are not careful.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] And no matter how skilled you are, …

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What color to dye your hair based on skin tone and eye color

When you decide to change your hair color, there are a number of factors that should keep in mind. These include eye color, skin tone and face shape.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] How to choose the hair dye based on skin tone According to beauty experts, when choosing a hair dye color …

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No poo method – How to wash your hair without shampoo!

The intake of chemicals that are found in bought shampoos may do more harm to your hair, than helping it. Read and find out how to prepare chemical-free shampoo at home without having to spend extra money. [expand title=”” trigpos=”below”]The results and impact of homemade shampoo are even more surprising …

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How to lose 4kg with water in 2 weeks!

The hot water diet doesn’t consist of drinking hot water, as some people wrongly assume, but drinking water at body temperature, which is generally between 36, 5˚C or 37 ˚C. This diet, which has Asian origins, is very common in Europe.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] The consumption of at least 2 liters …

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Pre-summer preparation – How to get the perfect tan at home!

Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect tan at home or to properly prepare your skin before sunbathing, and also how to treat the skin after sun tanning:[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] Natural Tanning Accelerator The first recipe is easy to make and contains several easy-to-find ingredients: two …

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