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What color to dye your hair based on skin tone and eye color

When you decide to change your hair color, there are a number of factors that should keep in mind. These include eye color, skin tone and face shape.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] How to choose the hair dye based on skin tone According to beauty experts, when choosing a hair dye color …

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No poo method – How to wash your hair without shampoo!

The intake of chemicals that are found in bought shampoos may do more harm to your hair, than helping it. Read and find out how to prepare chemical-free shampoo at home without having to spend extra money. [expand title=”” trigpos=”below”]The results and impact of homemade shampoo are even more surprising …

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Get rid of dandruff for good

Dandruff is a real headache, and those experiencing it are constantly looking for solutions to solve the problem. First of all you must understand what causes it.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] It can be generated by improper or excessive use of shampoo, which can dry your scalp, or use of hair cosmetic …

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Natural ways to lighten your hair

If you want to lighten your hair color a few shades you can also try natural methods. Besides the fact that you protect your hair, the result is subtle and gentle.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] By doing it the natural way you won’t get a dramatic hair color change on the first …

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Tips to tame curly hair

Curly hair is beautiful. All girls love having it. If you have a date, what’s your first thought for styling your hair? Curling it, right? If you have an event at work, the answer is curly hair again, isn’t it?[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] But while girls with straight hair dream of …

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Natural remedies for split ends

Women love to have long hair. And they also love to style it in a million different ways. And having a long, healthy set of hair does not comply with styling it in a million different ways, especially if you use dozens of styling hair products which contain chemicals and …

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