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How to get rid of blackheads in 10 minutes!

Black spots or blackheads usually appear in the T area of the skin, meaning on the forehead, nose and chin. But especially on the nose. In medical terms, blackheads are called comedones and they’re follicles with a larger opening than normal, clogged to say it more explicit, due to sebum …

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How to clean your skin of hair dye stains!

If you have the habit of dyeing your hair by yourself, at home, by now you’ve had enough unpleasant accidents with hair dye, and you know that you can irreparably stain surrounding items and even clothes, if you are not careful.

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Homemade anti-aging cream

Skin care products made with natural ingredients are very effective in reducing wrinkles, and help to get smooth skin, keeping the skin young, elastic and supple. It is not only a safe bet for your health but also for your physical appearance, because there is nothing that your skin or …

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5 greatest natural beauty products to use on skin

Olive Oil Dry skin has a lack of sebum, which is the lipid film that protects the skin. In order to rebuild the skin’s lipid film, the first thing that we can do is to drink plenty of water, helping to hydrate the layers of the skin to be more …

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Moisturizing tips for your feet

Beautiful feet are part of the overall beauty of one person. Especially during summer time when everybody’s wearing sandals and flip flops. It’s not enough to get a beautiful pedicure.

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