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Clean your liver and lose belly fat

Bloating, stomach cramps, burning sensation in the chest and fatigue can be side effects from bad food combination. Different types of food require different digestion time and are differently digested and absorbed by the body, so it would be ideal not to mix anything, and eat each food individually.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”]

It is best to listen to your own body and see what combinations serve you right.

Fruits are the ideal food for humans, containing all the necessary nutrients to have a healthy, energetic body. They contain more than 70% water, which our body needs, and are considered to be one of the most easily digested types of food. Ripe fruits give the ideal proportion of alkaline acid (20% to 80% alkaline acid, depending on the fruit eaten), which prevents emotional stress, toxic overload, and/or immune reactions due to various agents.

Raw food has the most nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, good fats, enzymes) that are easily absorbed and used by our body. The body recognizes simple structures and knows what to do with them. Our body knows how to use amino acids but must break down proteins (amino acid chains), knows how to use simple sugars (fructose and glucose), but must break down complex starches and sugars.

All these processes of decomposition lead to a loss of energy and toxic byproducts in our body. You feel full faster when the body receives the nutrients it needs in high quality, as opposed to receiving them in a large number, and also no longer needs to spend energy to break down complex structures or to fight the toxic compounds resulting from these processes.

Cooked food loses most of its nutrients, at least 70%, therefore the body needs a larger amount in order to get a sufficient amount of nutrients. That leads to digestive issues, bloating, and a fat, dysfunctional liver that no longer has the power to break down fat in a normal rate, the main side effect being a larger, fattier belly.[/expand]Clean your liver and lose belly fat

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