Clothing tips to fake being skinny!


Accepting yourself has become hard in a society that promotes an ideal look, a perfect smile, a dream life, and a healthy lifestyle. Media is teaching us through all methods that to be beautiful you need to be skinny and toned. Although we’ve all gotten to embrace that and wish to achieve it, having a job and taking care of the house doesn’t leave much time for anything else. What to do then?

There are ways to cheat and fake being skinny and the way to do that is to choose the right clothes.

Wear heels. In any situation heels will help you look thinner and elongates your figure. However, make sure you stay away from sandals with ankle strips and don’t wear heels higher than 10 cm, especially if you’re not used to wearing high heels, to avoid looking ridiculous. Choose thick heels as opposed to stilettos. It will accommodate your figure better.

Highlight your waist at the thinnest point and also don’t forget about your cleavage. It’s not just about highlighting your breasts, but by raising them it will help you get a better contour on the upper area of your body. Make sure you choose the best bra for your size and type.

Make sure you choose the right size for your clothes. Not too small but not baggy, as well. Yes, by wearing clothes that outline away from your body are best to hide that belly or thick thighs, but if you wear clothes that are too big your will end up looking even bigger. You can cheat a little, but you can’t erase all the weight away.

Until you reach the ideal weight for you, to feel better when out in public you can try wearing slimming underwear. Don’t choose one that’s too tight to avoid unaesthetic bumpy lines. Choose one that just evens everything out without being too tight.



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