What color to dye your hair based on skin tone and eye color


When you decide to change your hair color, there are a number of factors that should keep in mind. These include eye color, skin tone and face shape.

How to choose the hair dye based on skin tone

According to beauty experts, when choosing a hair dye color based skin tone, there are two major categories: warm and cold tones.

Warm tones

The warm skin tones are often characterized by skin that tans easily, or with a tone ranging from medium dark to olive. On people with olive skin complexion, the cheekbones present in peach undertones.

Based on that, you will not go wrong if you opt for a light chocolate, red copper, honey blond or light brown. You must, however, avoid dyeing your hair black, because it makes you look older, or platinum blonde, which is likely to wipe out your features and make you look bland.

Cold tones

This category includes reddish or light, milky tones.

Considering all these factors, you should choose colors like brown, blond gray or black. In addition, you should know that red shades are not recommended for this type of skin, because you risk highlighting your flaws, however small they may be.

How to choose your dye based on the color of your eyes

If your eyes are brown, black, gray or dark blue gray, it is important to note that they are associated with cold skin tones. In this case, you can choose confidently shades of dark brown or black.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those people with light colored eyes, such as the blue, hazel or green, you can choose those shades of hair dye that are associated with warm skin tones. In other words, you’ll not go wrong with honey blond or red copper.

What color to dye your hair based on skin tone and eye color


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