5 common makeup mistakes to avoid


To have a flawless makeup look is necessary to follow a few steps, without skipping any one of them such as skin preparation, moisturizer and then applying the makeup.

What do we do when we make mistakes, we’ve applied too much blush or the lip contour is traced wrong? Wipe everything off and start over? Do you have time for that?

To avoid starting over your makeup, and lose time, here are 5 of the most common mistakes women do when they apply their makeup, that need to be avoided:

Inadequate cleaning of the skin

Many women skip this step, which is very, very important, and they rush into putting on their makeup. Use makeup remover to properly clean your skin before using any makeup. Also, peeling carries an important role in cleansing the skin and gives it a fresher and brighter appearance. You can also use baking soda to deep clean your skin and get a smooth “surface” to put your makeup on.

Lack of skin hydration

Some women do not like to use moisturizer before applying their makeup on, because it makes the skin sticky. But that only happens when you don’t let the moisturizer to be absorbed in the skin. Put the moisturizer on 10 minutes before starting your makeup. It makes the whole difference. Try it. The moisturizer makes the skin smooth and soft, making the makeup to better adhere and blend.
Applying too much foundation

This is one of the most common makeup mistakes, and it doesn’t look pretty. To avoid using too much foundation, do your eyes and lips first and this will help you see the right amount of foundation your skin really needs.
Applying too much blush

Another common makeup mistake. And sometimes it’s because of the lighting in the room where you put your makeup on. Try doing your makeup at daylight. At the window, for example.

Too much lipstick

To correct this mistake, use a tissue to get the excess off. Always “kiss” away the excess after applying lipstick, otherwise you risk having your lips looking older and not hydrated. Especially if you use too much mat lipstick that tends to dry off.

5 common makeup mistakes to avoid


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