How to cut your hair at home like a pro!


You want to cut your hair but your time or budget doesn’t permit you to make an appointment at a professional hair salon? Don’t worry! There is a solution: cut your own hair! And by following these instructions, you will get a perfect result. You won’t have to pay a dime and you can do it whenever you wish or your busy schedule permits you.

If you want to change your look completely by choosing a gradual haircut, here’s how to properly do it and get a beautiful new haircut: start by brushing your hair and detangle it. The following instructions are made assuming that your hair is long and cut straight: bend over and brush your hair again but this time over the head. Use a hair tie and tie your hair at the line of your forehead. Make sure you tied it well and the hair tie can’t move left or right, up or down.

Using two fingers secure the hair and cut it starting from the tip of your fingers down. Let your hair down, brush it and you got yourself an entirely new look. If you want to also frame your face, take one hair strip from each side and brush them together in front of you. Secure it with a hair tie, but this time tie your hair loose so you can move the hair tie down as you cut the hair. Start cutting your hair from your chin down, gradually moving the hair tie. You’re down when the hair tie falls down.

If you want to cut your hair at shoulder length, it’s even easier. Brush your hair and tie it into a high pony tail. Secure your hair with two fingers at the back of your head, at the base of your shoulders, and cut straight. Release your hair and you’re done! Easy!




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