How to detox your colon to have great skin and lose weight


The colon is an essential piece of our digestive system. It is responsible with water and minerals assimilation from the food we eat, and also for the elimination of the unnecessary components in our food.

If you have the habit of eating junk food, fast food or fried food, at some point, your colon will stop working properly and that can cause a long series of health issues, including health issues that show on the skin and by gaining weight.

The symptoms for an affected colon are nausea, headaches, and skin allergies, rashes of irritations, acne, bloating and lack of energy.

Colon cleansing can be made at home, by using natural treatments and simple but effective remedies. You can get rid of all the accumulated toxins in your colon by introducing your diet with:

Apples. Freshly squeezed apple juice is considered to be one of the most efficient methods for colon cleansing and detoxing. It helps it decompose toxins and improves the activity of the liver and digestive system. Not to mention that eating apples or drinking apple juice is one of the best ways to get rid of water retain.

Start your day by drinking an unfiltered apples juice and you will certainly feel the difference after just a few days. To get optimal effect, make sure the juice is freshly squeezed each time you drink it. If you make more of it in advance, it will oxydate and it will lose its cleansing properties.

Lemon juice. It has amazing antioxidant properties and it is high in vitamin C which is known to help the digestive system in its activity. Drink it in a glass of warm water in which you add a pinch of salt and a little honey. It will improve your skin’s appearance and help your colon do its job.

Yogurt. Consumed regularly, it is a great and delicious way to maintain your colon’s health. It provides the digestive system with good bacteria (such as probiotics) and it is also a great source of calcium. Eat it simple or add fresh fruits in such as banana, apple or lemon.

How to detox your colon to have great skin and lose weight




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