Detox your liver – Get a better looking skin and higher energy!


If you smoke, drink more than half a glass of wine at dinner, party a lot, eat junk food, sweets, drink fizzy drinks, or don’t get enough sleep, you’re liver starts to wear out and your body pulls the alarm trigger and all the toxins accumulated in your body starts to show on your skin. Here’s how to counteract that:

Nowadays contemporary lifestyle is a real challenge for our liver. To clean out the toxins and help our body function properly, we have to help our liver stay as healthy as possible, given that it is directly responsible with cleaning any toxins we ingest or touch.

One method to detox the liver is warm water and lemon juice. Drink a cup of it the morning and don’t add sugar or anything else. It is not lemonade. Some experts say that warm water and lemon juice helps the liver produce more enzymes that any other remedy.

Garlic also contains, among many other benefits, components that activate the production of liver enzymes. It also contains selenium and allicin, both considered hepatoprotective.

A study made in Japan has shown that avocado also contains certain components that can help regenerate liver cells. It has been compared with 21 other fruits and t has proven to be the most efficient. Therefore, include it in your diet as much as possible.

Coriander is another natural ingredient which can be used to detox the liver. It has been proven in several studies made by various universities very helpful in eliminating accumulated toxins and liver detoxing. Therefore, include it in your diet – sprinkle it over your food or salads.

Turmeric, which is considered to be related to ginger, is not only a versatile spice, but also an ally when it comes to fighting toxins accumulation. It has a long list of benefits on the human body, including hepatoprotective properties.


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