DIY – Natural weight loss drinks


Gaining weight has a lot of factors including the main ones: lifestyle and diet. Add stress to that and that is a sure recipe for weight gain.

However, easy comes fairly easy goes. And I say fairly because you CAN easily lose weight, but you have to give up a lot of things you enjoy, such as sweats, fried and fast food, sugary drinks and also carbs. “Carbs” is only one word but it includes a lot of things: bread, pastries, rice, potatoes, pasta, etc.

The best thing to eat when dieting to lose weight is lean meat. If you stick to lean meat and salad you will surely lose weight within days. You can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables. And drink freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Keep in mind that you should start a diet by thinking of it as a lifestyle, as your lifestyle from that point on. Of course, you can “cheat” from time to time but that shouldn’t be on your mind for the last month, at least one month.

Here are a few drinks to help you gain results and drop the weight:

  1. Water with slices of cucumber and ginger in it. It’s easy to do and it is great for detoxing your body. Start drinking this instead of sugary drinks and you’re already on the right path.
  2. Water with slices of fruit in it. It does the same thing as the water with cucumber and ginger, only it brings other benefits to the table, since the vitamin and minerals contained by fruits are different that the ones found in cucumber or ginger.
  3. Orange, lemon and grapefruit juice. It’s a fat blasting bomb. Just make sure it isn’t the only thing you drink. Add water to that or you may end up having stomach problems due to the acidity in this kind of drink.
  4. Watermelon juice. There’s nothing more delicious or fresh. Add a few slices of banana in it and you get yourself a delight. It tastes and smells delicious.
DIY - Natural weight loss drinks


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