DIY – Sugar waxing method!


Sugar waxing is a cheap and painless method that is perfect for sensitive skin. If you find that shaving or regular wax causes your skin to irritate, redness or ingrown hairs, perhaps sugar waxing is more appropriate for your needs. Here’s how to do it at home:

Historical records have shown that this method has been used by women since the age of pharaohs and it is still used by women, world-wide.

The benefits of waxing with sugar include the fact that you can easily do it at home, by yourself and that it is cost-efficient as opposed to the other available methods.

You can also confidently use it for your bikini line, thus being highlighted another benefit of sugar waxing: no one has to see you naked.

Sugar waxing can last up to 5 weeks. Therefore it is a long-lasting waxing method, giving you soft, smooth skin for more than one month.

To prepare the waxing mix you will need: 2 cups of powdered sugar, the juice from half a lemon and a glass of water.

What you have to do: Mix everything together until the sugar is melted and you get syrup. Get it on the stove, at low heat, continuously mixing until you get a yellow-brown cream. Leave the mixture to cool down until you can touch it without getting burned. Apply it on the areas that need waxing and pull against the natural hair growing direction.

To easily apply the sugar wax on the skin you can use a popsicle wooden stick, for example, or a kitchen wooden utensil. You can, for instance, use the end of a wooden spoon.


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