Effcient methods to detox your skin in a week


Detoxification is the process of transforming and neutralizing toxins and eliminating them. An effective detoxification of the body includes detoxing the skin, as well.

If the colon doesn’t do its job to eliminate the toxins, your body searches other ways to eliminate them and the second best way is through the skin, thus appearing skin conditions such as eczema, abscesses and even necrotizing of the skin if not treated in time or properly, not to mention that the accumulation of toxins favors the appearance of acne.

You can use methods for skin and body detoxification by stimulating perspiration, dry rubbing, exercise, hot baths, sauna, steam baths, wraps, and massage.

Also, you can try a detox diet with food supplements containing fiber derived from flax or oat which help the colon to eliminate toxins and maintain the skin’s shine and elasticity.

For these fiber supplements to deliver the desired effects of detoxification (also slimming, detoxing also stimulating weight loss) it is absolutely necessary to mix them with water, yogurt or fresh fruit juices.

It is also recommended to consume a daily minimum of 1.5-2 liters of water for the fibers to expand in volume and pick everything up on their way out of the body, through the colon.

Here’s something you might not know: a diet which is too rich in fat, meat, dairy fat, refined foods, or chemicals (from pills, for example) prevents the body’s natural detoxification process.

Sea salt has a very good effect in detoxifying the skin. To detox your skin with sea salt, you’ll need four teaspoons of sea salt dissolved in warm water. The resulted salty water is a very powerful skin detoxifier. If you also add seaweed and mud, the effect will be even more surprising.

Effcient methods to detox your skin in a week


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