Get rid of dandruff for good


Dandruff is a real headache, and those experiencing it are constantly looking for solutions to solve the problem. First of all you must understand what causes it.

It can be generated by improper or excessive use of shampoo, which can dry your scalp, or use of hair cosmetic treatments that are not suited for your type of hair.

Here are a few tips which may help you get rid of dandruff:

An efficient treatment for dandruff is: a tablespoon of dried nettles in a cup of hot water. Leave the dried nettle in the hot water for at least an hour. Then pass the mixture through a strainer to remove the nettles. Wash your hair with the resulting liquid. Leave the nettle watery extract to act for 30-40 minutes. Repeat this procedure at least three times a week.

Or, preheat four tablespoons of olive oil and place them in a bowl. Then squeeze half a lemon. Apply the mixture on the hair and scalp. Then wash your hair using your normal shampoo.

Another dandruff treatment goes like this: mix three tablespoons of vinegar, whether apple or wine, with a cup of hot water. Use the mixture as a conditioner after shampooing. Vinegar and water will not only get rid of dandruff, but the hair will become silky and easy to comb.

Here’s another dandruff treatment: boil lemon peels for 15-20 minutes in a quart of water. Pour the mixture on your head, after cooling, and keep it on for 20 minutes before shampooing.

Beer is another great remedy against dandruff. Drinking it provides vitamin B, and it also contains yeast, which fights infection that might exist on your scalp.

You can also try this: boil beets. You will know it’s ready when the water gets a dark color. Strain the beets. Apply the mixture on your hair leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse.

Lime juice is also excellent against dandruff. Your hair will be beautiful and shiny after using it. Leave the lime juice on your hair for 15 minutes and rinse.

Get rid of dandruff for good


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