Get rid of ingrown hairs


Regardless of the method of hair removal used, almost any woman had experiences, at least once, a problem with ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs consist of coiled wires that grow beneath the epidermis after waxing or shaving. They can be recognized by small black spots on the skin or the redness area, and they can get infected.

Ingrown hairs most commonly appear after shaving. The razor cuts the hair oblique, which creates a sharp tip, which cannot break the surface of the skin, due to the way it’s cut. The tip gets attached to the skin, like a hook with the sharp tip facing the wrong way, and while it grows it coils under the skin and keeps growing inside if not removed, thus creating all sort of skin issues, including serious infections.

However, shaving is not the only cause of ingrown hairs. Although waxing is recommended, instead of shaving, it is also a method which can give ingrown hairs, especially in areas where the skin is more sensitive such as the bikini line or armpits.

To get rid of this problem, the solution must be implemented in several steps. First, avoid shaving and shave a long period of time (2-3 weeks) to allow the hair to grow. While growing, the hairs will generate small bumps on the surface of the skin, making it easier to detect them and remove them.

Also, make sure you use an exfoliating, slightly abrasive shower gel. You can also use coffee grounds to scrub the problematic areas. Thus remove dead skin cells and help the hair pull its way through. Make sure you gently scrub to avoid irritating the skin.
The hairs that are visible can be removed using your fingers or with tweezers and needle. If the black dot is visible on the skin, then you can remove the hair by gently squeezing the bump. If the hair is already out, even a little bit, use the tweezers. But if the hair has grown and is visible under the skin, you can sterilize a needle using rubbing alcohol and carefully pinch the surface of the skin to help the hair make its way out. However, this last method should be used carefully because there is a risk for infection!

Get rid of ingrown hairs


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