How to get rid of love handles


Love handles are not necessarily a bad thing, hence the word “love” in their name. But if they start to pour over your pants, well that is when you need to act and get rid of them.

Having a tiny waist line is a hard thing to achieve. You can only get it with discipline, exercise, healthy diet, and detox. The belly and the area surrounding it are where most of the toxins gathered in our body are stored. And the fat in that area is particularly hard to lose. But not impossible.

The main thing to lose weight is to exercise. Cardio is key to losing weight, no matter the targetted area.

Therefore, exercise more. Try to go jogging at least 3 times a week, if not every day. But who has the time nowadays to do that? Add abs and exercises that target the love handles and you will reduce your waist line in no time.

You can also try body wraps. Here’s how you do them: get plastic foil and cellulite lotion. Rub the cellulite lotion all around your waist line and wrap it with plastic foil. You can do this overnight and shower in the morning. But this works best when it’s mixed with exercising.

Aside to cellulite lotion you can also do wraps with coffee grounds.

There are numerous youtube videos made by personal trainers which show you how to do exercises especially thought for this problematic body area. Try them. You can do the exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Some of the exercises that specfically target the love handles include side leg raises, side abs and side arm-to leg touches while standing up and keeping the leg straight.

You can also try upper body rotations and also side leg raises while doing plank.

How to get rid of love handles


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