How get a round bottom at home!


When you think about summer, is all about looking your best, thin legs, a flat stomach, a round bottom, and an overall toned appearance, to say it in fewer words.

A round, perky bottom is something all women aspire to. And you cannot have it, unless you work for it. The secret to toning any part of your body is exercise. More exactly, combining exercises that specifically target he desired area, with cardio. Losing weight is directly proportional to how much cardio you fit in your busy schedule.

Despite what most people think, cardio doesn’t exactly mean that you need to get a gym pass, or even leaving the house. You can get efficient cardio exercise, at home. You can run in one spot for example, do jumping jacks, or if you’re lucky to own a stationary bike, even better: you can get your cardio on while watching your favorite show.

The main and most efficient exercise that specifically targets your glutes is squatting. Do it right, and do it often and you will get that Kim Kardashian bubble bottom in no time. The thing about squats and what makes them so popular is that it is an exercise that works 100% and also helps with slimming your middle section and getting rid of belly fat, at the same time, not to mention that it also helps with slimming the thighs and getting rid of the cellulite deposit on there. The reason for their high efficiency is that it implies activating all of the muscles in the reminded areas.

You can also make squats more efficient by alternating them with jumps. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You do a squat, you jump and then you do a squat again. It’s simple. Of course, it’s simple but not easy. You will feel your thighs and glutes burn, but make sure you do at least 50 a day.



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