The guide to a perfect contour – Fake a smaller nose and slimmer face!


Contouring has become quite an art in the past year, and it’s gone viral worldwide. Do it properly and you can sculpt your features as you please – you can make your nose smaller or your face slimmer. There are, however, a few golden rules to keep in mind to avoid a makeup fail:

Until not long ago only a professional makeup artists could give a woman symmetry, in terms of makeup, and only Hollywood stars caught the secret of looking perfect. Well, the secret’s out!

There are millions of videos online about how to contour your face, abs, feet, legs or finger, and let’s not forget cleavage. And contrary to what most of the videos show, you don’t need 10 different makeup products to get the perfect contour. You need 3 products: a concealer, a bronzing powder and highlight. Use the bronzing powder to create depth, the concealer to hide the small imperfections and the highlight to bring attention to the features that do you best.

If you have a square face, then you must hide/sweeten you jaw line.

If you have a round face, do your best to sculpt the check bones.

If you have a pointy chin and wide forehead, then you must distract attention from the forehead.

Be careful what shades you choose for your powder, blush, or foundation. The bronzing powder is what you especially need to pay attention too. Test it before you buy it. It must be only a shade darker than your skin tone.

Aside to the highlight, avoid using products with shiny particles in. A little goes a long way.

For creamy makeup formulas, you can use your fingers to apply. For the contouring part, you will need two brushes: one for contouring (choose one in an angle) and one for applying the highlight (as soft and thin as possible).


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