Haircuts that make you look thinner!


The way you wear your hair has a higher impact on the way you look that you might think. It is the frame for your face and it can make you look good or it can be a disadvantage if you don’t choose it wisely. Here are a few interesting things about hairstyles you may not know:

By cutting a few strips of hair in the front it may seem like a small change but it can make the difference regarding your look. The right hairstyle or haircut can even make you look thinner. For instance, if you have a round-shaped face, a bob that exceeds your jaw line, without bang, can hide your prominent cheeks, thus elongating your face and making you look slimmer.

A half parted hairstyle with a long side bang can also frame your face so that it may appear longer and thinner. The diagonal line on the forehead, created by the long side bang, accentuates your cheek bones and distracts the attention from your cheeks.

If you choose a gradual haircut created by a crafty, handy stylist, you cannot go wrong. If you have a round face, avoid gradual haircuts that involve shorter hair strips, above the jawline, and choose instead a gradual hairline that frames your face starting from below the chin. A well-done gradual haircut gives volume on the crown of your head and removes the volume from the hair that sits on your neck, thus elongating the face.

A high messy bun is also a great hairstyle choice if the goal is to appear slimmer and remove volume from the face. By choosing a high bun instead of a low bun you add a couple of inches to your height, thus appearing slimmer.

If you have long hair and you do not wish to choose a gradual haircut, you can create an illusion and sweeten your appearance by adding volume on the crown of your head, using hairspray at the roots. Or, you can choose delicate curls.




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