Help your nails grow faster using these efficient tricks!


If your heart’s desire is to have beautiful, long nails, there are a few ways that can help you get them sooner than it would normally take for them to grow. It is a known fact that nails tend to grow faster when it’s warm outside, and that’s why our nails look better and grow faster during the summer.

The diet also plays an important role in how your nails behave and how the look. Extreme weight loss dieting, especially if you choose a diet that lacks proteins, makes nails fragile and also makes it difficult for them to get the nutrients they need to grow, thus making them grow slower.

Milk, vitamin A and vitamin C are three of the necessary nutrients nails need to be healthy. Milk contains vitamin D, which toughens the nails and accelerates they growth, while vitamin C stimulates the collagen production. Vitamin A, which you can find in food such as carrots, peaches or mango, is not only necessary for having beautiful nails, but it also plays an important role in our skin’s appearance, as well.

You can also massage the nails at the base to stimulate circulation and put things in motion faster, and if you also use a powerful moisturizer, while massaging them, such as olive oil, you also hydrate them, at the same time, giving your nails a beautiful shine.

Here’s a tip which may appear weird, but which is efficient: cut a piece of garlic and rub it on each nail. Leave the garlic juice to act for 30 minutes and then wash it off. To get rid of the garlic smell, use lemon juice. You can simply rub a slice of lemon on each nail, for example.


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