Homemade natural remedies that fight hair loss


No wonder there is so much promotion towards the benefits of plants. Plants can help us not only to maintain our body’s health, but they’re also great for restoring and maintaining our hair’s health.
Honey nourishes the hair

Honey nourishes the hair and scalp, giving shine and hydration, and, as opposed to most shampoo brands, it gently cleans the hair without aggressing the scalp. Honey has antibacterial and antioxidant qualities, stops hair fall and accelerates hair growth. To make a hair mask out of it, all you have to do is to mix it with olive oil and egg yolk, and leave it on for at least 30 minutes, once a week.

At the same time, you can combine honey with a regular hair conditioner, thus enhancing its nutritional qualities.

Ginger supports hair growth

Ginger contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc, and it also contains essential oils, which are wonderful for keeping your hair healthy.

On the other hand, ginger stimulates hair growth and strengthens the root, removes dandruff and activates blood circulation in the scalp. Ginger can be used to prepare hair oil, by mixing a spoon of grated ginger and 50 ml of sesame oil. The mixture is applied on the hair and scalp, and has to be left on for 30 minutes. Wash with shampoo.

If you have oily hair, prepare a toner as follows: in a liter of water put four tablespoons of ginger and simmer for a few minutes, on low heat. The lotion obtained is used for massaging the scalp daily for three weeks. Keep it on for two hours, then rinse with warm water.
Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is rich in sugars, organic acids, proteins, beta-carotene, minerals, vitamins (A, E, F, D, C and B), amino acids and fatty acids, which do wonders in terms of hair growth. Sea buckthorn oil contains elements that a beautiful, healthy hair needs: vitamin C, vitamin E, B vitamins, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and iron.

All these ingredients add precious and essential fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9. Regularly used as a hair treatment, sea buckthorn oil helps to regenerate the hair, effectively cleanses the scalp of sebum and impurities and nourishes the hair from the root and to ends.

Birch – Strengthens and regenerates hair

Birch, in infusion or tincture form, is considered to be one of the most efficient herbal remedies for hair loss. Birch infusion is great for getting rid of dandruff and regenerates the hair, strengthens and stimulates the hair.

Birch tincture, which can be bought from herbal stores, can be applied directly on the scalp, on its own or in combination with nettle tincture. The mixture has a great role in fighting hair loss, and strengthens the hair roots within a week. This treatment is to be used every two days and it must be left to act for at least one hour before washing the hair.


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