Homemade natural stretch marks lotion for pregnant ladies


Being pregnant and feeling how life grows inside of you is one of God’s miracles. And although having a baby is a reason for happiness, a woman’s body suffers all kind of transformations, some of which are not quite pleasant. Included in these unpleasant transformations are stretch marks.

One of the reasons stretch marks appear is the lack of moisturizer. To keep the skin’s elasticity and for it to return to its original state, women need to use lotions when that belly starts to show. When the baby starts to grow out of space, it makes space by pushing the belly and stretching the skin on the belly as much as possible. And because it didn’t need to stretch that much before the baby, the skin is not used to it and needs help to be able to.

There are several types of stretch marks lotions available for sale, but you can easily make your own at home, and only using natural ingredients, such as:

Aloe. It is a God given gift especially for skin treatment. It hydrates it, treats it and helps it heal. If you have an Aloe plant in the house you can get a leaf, cut it open and get the gel inside in a bowl. Use it as it is. Apply it on the face and leave it for 15 minutes to act.

Coconut oil/butter. Coconut is wonderful for hydrating the skin. You can use oil or butter. They’re both great.

Cocoa/Shea butter. These are two of the most powerful natural hydrating items. Mix them with avocado oil or vitamin E and you get a bullet proof moisturizer that will certainly keep stretch marks away.

It is best to use only high quality ingredients if you do decide to make your own stretch mark lotion. And also make sure you’re not allergic to any ingredient you use.

Homemade natural stretch marks lotion for pregnant ladies


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