Homemade remedies for nail exfoliation


To have beautiful, healthy nails is not enough just to properly cut them and apply nail polish. Beautiful nails are first of all healthy and that requires special attention due to the fact that we use our hands to do everything: wash dishes, clean the house with detergent (that contains all kind of chemicals that may affect the nails), and not to mention that we wash them up to 10 times a day, which can cause the nails to dehydrate, thus exfoliating.

To prevent your nails from deteriorating and exfoliating make sure you wear rubber gloves while you do house chores. After washing your hands, make sure you apply moisturizer on your hands and that you also rub the nails with it.

Also, try to drink plenty of water. That way you hydrate your nails from the inside, which is even better.

To keep your nails healthy include food in your diet that contains vitamins A, B and C, and also Omega 3 and zinc, such as carrots, seeds, nuts, fresh vegetables, dairy and fish.

Exfoliated nails can be treated naturally, by using lemon juice and olive oil. Gently heat the olive oil, just enough to get warm. Soak the nails in this liquid until the oil gets cold. Repeat for 10 days and then do it once a week.

You can also treat this problem with oily vitamin A, which you can get at your local drug store or herbal shops. Massage the nails with it, insisting on the base of the nail, stimulation blood flow and nurturing the nail.

You can also try this: cut a lemon in half and soak the nails directly inside the lemon.

To toughen up the nails, soak them for 10 minutes in a mixture made from warm olive oil, egg yolk and honey. Wash it off with warm water, without using soap.

Homemade remedies for nail exfoliation


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