Homemade skin cream based on skin type


The most commonly used beauty product of all time is the cream. It provides the perfect hydration level for the skin and slows down the aging process.

The formula of the cream can be changed, depending on the skin type’s needs. Thus, during summer women tend to use a light cream, easily absorbed into the skin, while during winter they turn to a formula consistent, emollient and nourishing.

If you have oily skin or you face the summer with excess sebum, you can create a cream based on jojoba oil or peanut oil with properties that regulate the secretion of sebum, sesame oil or grape seed oil being easily absorbed into the skin.

Here are a few skin cream recipes based on skin type, which you can make at home:

Oily skin

Because optimal hydration is extremely important for oily skin, it is essential to choose a face cream for oily skin that does not feed and do not dilate pores, which can prevent imperfections and can regulate sebum production.

Ingredients:  50ml of sweet almond oil; 20ml of rose water; 10gr of bees wax; 2 oily vitamin E capsules; 3-4 drops of tea tree or mint essential oil. Using the bain marie method, mix the almond oil with the beeswax and rose water, and then add the essential oils drops.

Store the cream in the fridge, in a seal tight container.

Dry Skin

You will need 3 teaspoons of each oil: apricot, avocado, sweet almond, rose water and bees wax. Again, using the bain marie method, steam everything together except for the rose water which you add last, gradually. Store it in the fridge, in a seal tight container.

Normal skin

You need: 2 tablespoons of aloe gel, 20ml of herbal tea, 8gr of bees wax, half a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin, 3 drops of jojoba oil, 6 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Use the bain marie method here, as well. Add the herbal tea gradually, the glycerin, and then the aloe gel. Store it in the fridge, in a seal tight container.


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