How to get rid of body acne


Body acne is unaesthetic and it can really break your confidence, especially if you want to wear a backless dress or if your friends are planning a day at the pool. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get rid of this problem:

Choose an antibacterial soap instead of a normal one and you can consider it the first step to a clean skin.

Another efficient way to get rid of body acne is exfoliation. You can buy exfoliating shower gel or you can make your own exfoliating mix by combining baking soda with polenta flour or even coffee grounds. Make sure you use gentle motions and, although the purpose is to rub off the dead skin cells, don’t rub too hard or you’ll end up hurting your skin and it may get irritated. It is important to hydrate the skin after exfoliation, therefore don’t skip this step. Make sure you use a non-oily cream that is easily absorbed in.

Wear soft fabrics that let the skin breath such as cotton. Avoid wearing tight clothes which suffocate the skin and can aggravate the problem, especially if you’re sweating. Wear, instead comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics, as much as possible.

Shower especially after working out to wash away the sweat and prevent the pores to clog up. The combination of dust and sweat is the main cause for spontaneous acne apparition. This kind of acne may appear easily but it may stay with you for a long time.

Benzoyl peroxide creams are considered to be the most efficient treatments for body acne. You can find this kind of cream at your local drug store or in any large cosmetic shop. Make sure you mention for what you want it so that you can get the best available product. There are different concentrations, varying from product to product. Usually the concentration is 10%.

You also have to act from the inside, meaning that your diet and lifestyle play an important role when it comes to treating acne. Include in your diet vitamins, omega 3, and antioxidants. Eat fish, fruits, vegetables and whole cereals. Also, avoid stress as much as possible. It has been proven that stress is one of the factors that lead to acne.



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