How to get thinner ankles at home


One of the details that make the difference when it comes to femininity, hardly debated and which has a strong impact on the psyche of women are ankles.

Fine and well defined, they give a particularly sexy vibe to any woman who dares to put on a mini skirt.

Some women, however, are “gifted” by nature with bulky ankles, and the direct cause for that are bulky calves. One of the reasons some women have bulky calves is weight gain, but, there are cases when genetics has something to say about it and even thin women can have them.

Are there ways to get thinner ankles?

In some cases, the only thing that can work is liposuction in that area. But, if your financial status doesn’t allow you to do that, or, if you simply do not want to choose surgery unless it’s really necessary, you can try a few things that may work.

To shrink the fat accumulation in that area, you can try wraps. All you need is plastic foil, cellulite lotion and patience. Put a generous amount of cellulite lotion on your ankles and wrap them up with plastic foil. Do this every night and have patience. This method requires time to provide results.

As I said, one of the most common reasons for thick ankles is bulky calves caused by weight gain. Try fitting in an hour a day of cardio, or at least 30 minutes, in your daily busy schedule. Avoid doing leg exercises that involve using weights. Instead, opt for air exercises such as air leg scissors, leg raises or you can simply choose jogging. Running is the best way to lose weight and get thinner legs, overall, not just in the calves or ankles areas.

You can also try drinking diuretic tea which you can find at herbal stores at convenient prices, as another reason for bulky ankles and calves may be water retention. Also, remember to drink 2l of water a day. It may seem funny, but the main cause for water retention is low water intake. If you do not drink enough water, your body finds other ways to assure the necessary amount by staking water wherever it can.




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