Instant tips to give volume to thin hair


Regardless of the season, we want our hair to look impeccable, right? This mission may become even more difficult if we do not have an easy hair type. Here are some simple tricks on how to give volume to soft, thin hair:

The haircut counts! When you have a soft hair, hard to tame, brittle and all over the place, you need to really think about your hair cut. Study your face shape, your hair’s behavior, follow the new trends in hairstyles (which can give successful ideas) and put together a plan of action and then discuss your opinion with your stylist. It is very important to trust him and to distinguish between a good colorist and a hair stylist who excels in haircuts! If your hair stylist hasn’t convinced about his hair cutting powers, there’s no shame in going to someone else, with better recommendations.

The color helps! The hair shade may give the impression of volume or the other way around! Extremes such as deep black or platinum blonde are to be avoided when having thin hair. Instead, choose a few discrete strands in different tones, which will certainly give volume to your hair.

Properly styling your hair is essential to giving it volume! Dry your hair using a brush, and lift your hair up, from the root, while blow drying it. Being soft and thin, the hair must be protected from direct contact with hot air, therefore do not keep the blow dryer too close to it (a distance of 20 cm or so is fine). Fine hair should be dried in the opposite direction of its growth to gain more volume. Try keeping your head down and blow dry it from the roots to the ends. It also helps if you alternate cool air with a warm, especially towards the end of the drying process. A common mistake is keeping the hair wrapped in a towel for too long, after rinsing, because if doing so, the towel reduces the hair volume.


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