Lose 1kg a day with the egg diet!


Contrary to what some people might think, the egg diet doesn’t imply eating just eggs, every day. That wouldn’t be healthy, or efficient. Here’s how to properly follow the egg diet to lose up to 1kg a day:

The secret to getting results while following the egg diet is combining boiled eggs with citrus fruits, boiled chicken or beef. It is considered to be a regime that detoxes the body and melts fat.

For breakfast you can eat 2 boiled eggs, one grapefruit and a cup of green tea or freshly squeezed citrus juice, for lunch you can have one boiled egg, an orange and 150g of boiled chicken meat (don’t eat eggs every day for lunch, you can only eat chicken and a fruit), and for dinner you can have 200g of chicken (boiled) and a yogurt, or 2 boiled eggs, a cup of milk and one grapefruit, or 2 boiled eggs and a glass of water.

For breakfast, you can also combine boiled eggs with fresh salad and boiled vegetables. You can also use low-fat cream (not every day and not very meal, however) and all the greens you can eat.

One day, for breakfast, you can also eat low-fat cow cheese, and a glass of orange or grapefruit juice and nothing else.

Another thing you can enjoy without restrictions is water, especially mineral water.

Make sure you include exercising, as well, as much as possible. But, given that this diet is low in calories, therefore low in energy, don’t overdo it. You can take a walk every night after dinner, for example, and it is enough.

After the 7 days of diet pass, don’t eat a lot at once. Allow your body and stomach to gradually take in the change in your diet.


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