The plopping method – How to get perfect curls using a T-shirt!


If you want soft curls, you can easily get them by using a plain cotton shirt. This trick is called plunking or plopping, and it guarantees chic curls that last all day in just a few minutes.

How to get curly hair using the “plopping” technique

It starts with wet hair – either wash your hair as usual, or get your hair moist by using your hands or a spray bottle with water. Apply a styling product of your choice on the entire length of the hair. You can apply, for example, moisturizing oil, also treating the hair, at the same time, or foam, to help the curls last throughout the day and evening, if you have an event to attend after work, for example.

Once the styling product has been applied, wrap your hair in a cotton shirt (if you have one with long sleeves, even better) and start to roll in the hair starting from the ends. Once you reach the end of the shirt and the hair is entirely wrapped in it, use the sleeves to tie everything in place. You know you got the technique right of the end result resembles a turban.

At this point, what you have to do is to wait. You can do anything else in the meanwhile, like house chores. To get lose curls, you will have to wait at least 30 minutes before taking the shirt off, and if you want your hair to be even more curly, you can leave it overnight.

Finally, take off your shirt and use a hair dryer to complete the hairstyle, placing the dryer from the ends up, and pushing the ends towards your roots, by using your palm or fingers if you feel that it is more effective this way. For the curls to last all day, apply hairspray.

The plopping method - How to get perfect curls using a T-shirt!


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