Professional makeup artists tips for thin lips


Do you want full, sensual lips? There is no need to turn to the hyaluronic acid injection. You just need to follow a few makeup tricks for thin lips, which instantly give volume. It is important not to see your thin lips as a flaw.

First you have to love yourself and accept yourself as you are, then you will know exactly how to highlight your strengths and how to disguise the imperfections, as no person on this Earth is perfect.

Choosing the right color is vital to bulk up thin lips. So be very careful what color of lipstick or gloss you unotse when doing your makeup, because dark colors or intense, vivid colors do not suit you. By choosing red lipstick, for example, you only accentuate the fact that you have thin lips. Instead, choose tones of peach, pink, or nude, which suit you perfectly.

Don’t just care for your skin, but pays attention to your lips, as well! To have flawless, soft lips they have to be hydrated. Follow two essential steps: exfoliation and hydration. You can exfoliate your lips by using a facial scrub (natural and homemade, with sugar and olive oil for example, or you can buy one) or by using the toothbrush. You can moisturize your lips by using honey and remember to put your lip balm in your purse, whenever you leave the house.

To make thin lips look thicker, you can try these makeup tricks:
– After you have applied lipstick, use lip gloss only on the center of the lower lip.
– Before applying lipstick, apply illuminator on the center of the upper lip – your lips will gain instant volume.
– Use special glosses that contain substances which activate blood circulation and instantly increase lip volume. They sting a little bit, but you will get instant full lips and also a beautiful, natural shade of red.

Professional makeup artists tips for thin lips



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