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How to clean your skin of hair dye stains!

If you have the habit of dyeing your hair by yourself, at home, by now you’ve had enough unpleasant accidents with hair dye, and you know that you can irreparably stain surrounding items and even clothes, if you are not careful.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] And no matter how skilled you are, …

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Moisturizing tips for your feet

Beautiful feet are part of the overall beauty of one person. Especially during summer time when everybody’s wearing sandals and flip flops. It’s not enough to get a beautiful pedicure. [expand title=”” trigpos=”below”]How would that look on a pair of feet with dry skin and unpleasant appearance? Here are a …

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Amazing tips for a perfect skin

The road to a perfect skin is not easy. But it can be if you keep in mind two simple things: exfoliate and hydrate. But don’t forget makeup removal before bed. Make sure you always remove your makeup before you go to bed, no matter how tired you are.[expand title=”” …

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Homemade masks for acne scars

If you don’t leave your pimples alone and start to squeeze them, you’re only making it worse. That’s when you get acne scars. When you have acne all you think about is how to get rid of it and have a clear skin.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] Put messing with them is …

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