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Get rid of dandruff for good

Dandruff is a real headache, and those experiencing it are constantly looking for solutions to solve the problem. First of all you must understand what causes it.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] It can be generated by improper or excessive use of shampoo, which can dry your scalp, or use of hair cosmetic …

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How to lighten dark knees and elbows

Certain habits such as sitting on the floor when watching TV, prolonged exposure to the sun without protection, the accumulation of dead cells on the elbows and knees and aging are the reasons that can lead to an unpleasant aspect of the skin elbows and knees.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] The good …

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How to use baking soda to whiten your armpits

Baking soda can be found at low prices in stores, and its effects are miraculous. Most often it is used in the kitchen as a raising agent, but its properties include many more other uses.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] It is not to be confused with ammonium bicarbonate or ammonia. One of …

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Natural ways to lighten your hair

If you want to lighten your hair color a few shades you can also try natural methods. Besides the fact that you protect your hair, the result is subtle and gentle.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] By doing it the natural way you won’t get a dramatic hair color change on the first …

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