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Shrink the fat on your knees using these simple tips

Why do the fat cushions appear around the knees? The knees are just as prone to fat accumulation as the rest of the body is, and can give you discomfort, especially when you love to wear dresses and short skirts. [expand title=”” trigpos=”below”]The fat deposit appears due to several reasons, …

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Clean your liver and lose belly fat

Bloating, stomach cramps, burning sensation in the chest and fatigue can be side effects from bad food combination. Different types of food require different digestion time and are differently digested and absorbed by the body, so it would be ideal not to mix anything, and eat each food individually.[expand title=”” …

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DIY – Natural weight loss drinks

Gaining weight has a lot of factors including the main ones: lifestyle and diet. Add stress to that and that is a sure recipe for weight gain.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] However, easy comes fairly easy goes. And I say fairly because you CAN easily lose weight, but you have to give …

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