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What not to do if you have acne

The first thing that must be comprehended, when having acne, is that there are no immediate remedies that make acne disappear overnight.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”]

An acne-affected skin needs time to heal. It usually lasts between two and six weeks for the skin to clear up. There isn’t a magical way to make it disappear. It would have been nice it were.

Touching the skin cause the bacteria to spread and makes the acne even worse. People with acne often develop skin irritation and tend to touch the affected areas. This should be discouraged. Also squeezing pimples determines the infection of the hair follicle.

People with acne also tend to apply product after product, if they do not get immediate results. Due to that, they try and apply product after product. That is also a bad thing to do, when trying to treat acne. The reason for that is that putting your affected skin in contact with even more irritating factors is the last thing you must do.

If you use a concealer which is too oily, it can overload your skin and doesn’t let it breathe, which is not good. The same can be said about applying the foundation in excess to conceal the acne lesions, red spots or acne scars. And let’s face it, it doesn’t make it look better, anyway.

Any type of skin requires hydration, especially if the acne treatment affects the degree of skin hydration, such as retinoid drugs. If the skin is prone to acne or acne eruption, it is recommended to use non-oily moisturizers.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, juices, drinking adequate water and avoiding stress as much as possible, could contribute to maintaining a healthy skin.[/expand]What not to do if you have acne

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